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What It Is?

It is vital to regularly check your website for issues and mistakes, in order to keep it up-to-date and relevant to your industry’s current trends. We will keep monitoring your website to ensure both, your business and website, is running smoothly.

How It Works?

Once you have chosen your package, we’ll send you a confirmation email asking for you to provide your CMS, Domain and Hosting Logins. We require these in order to complete regular checks on your website.

What It Does?

Dependent on your package, we conduct a variety of regular fixes for your website to ensure it is maintained 24/7. If you require any assistance, you can contact us via email to let us know which error you need fixed.

Frequently Asked Questions

WordPress is constantly making improvements to the core software. Whether making security patches or adding features, each update that is released is important for the function and stability of your website. Keeping the core of your site up to date means keeping your site running and performing optimally. 

Keeping a backup of your site means that should the live version be compromised, there will be a current copy which we can quickly put online. This reduces site downtime and ensures that your customers aren’t left frustrated at a site that no longer seems to exist.

Regular monthly website maintenance is what will keep your website up to date, safe to use and working brilliantly. A failure to do regular upkeep can leave your site vulnerable to hacks, bugs and browser incompatibility.

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